“Followed have been amazing to capture my audience. I would highly recommend them taking control to boost your social media.”


“The guys over at Followed helped me build up my Instagram profile with real followers and also help develop a strong interest in time for our website launch.”


“I’ve been using Followed recently to get my writing a bigger audience and it’s been working well, with lots of new followers every day so I’m very happy with the results.”


A mate told me about Followed.co as they knew I was looking to give my new coffee shop a boost online, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s been fantastic! My growth manager has managed to help me add real followers, many in my area, which I think has definitely been a part of why my business has had such a great first month.

Sam Bailey

The guys and girls over at Followed have helped me grow my profile from 0-6000 followers in just 2 months. Couldn’t recommend them enough!


Since I started working with Followed I’ve seen a huge increase in both followers and engagement on my account, keep it going guys!


Tried a few different companies offering to help me increase my followers, this is definitely the best I’ve seen. I’ll be sticking with them for a while.

Sara Eaton

I recommend this service highly, in my experience they’ve done exactly what they promised.

Owen Bull

Three months with Followed.co so far and I’ve not regretted a second. They took me through a simple but smart process asking me about the types of follower interests I was looking for and they’ve matched that well on the whole. My account mainly posts sports memes and videos, but the follower account is flying and I’m starting to get some attention from much bigger accounts. Couldn’t have done it without their help.

Keira Rogers

“Whilst using Followed’s service my account has gone from 300 to 60,000 followers and I am currently gaining over 15,000 new followers per month. Amazing!”


I did a bit of reading about different services that help you increase followers and this seemed like a good one. Gave the Amplified Plan a go and I’m glad to say I’ve been proved right. Been working with my Growth Manager to get plenty of followers on a daily basis and nearly all of them seem to be sticking with me, helping my account add hundreds of followers in the first month. Excited to see the numbers keep increasing.

Bella Whitta

I’m launching a new website next month and wanted to try to build a bit of momentum on Instagram in time for launch day, so thought I’d give Followed.co a try and they’ve definitely done the trick. I’ve more than tripled my follower count and they’re all real people, many of them engaging with my posts. Top service!

Nicholas Horner

A great way to build real followers, done exactly what they offered when I signed up.

David Class

Awesome help with my aim to increase my follower count! So happy with the number and type of followers my Growth Manager has helped me gain so far!

Zach Ybarra

This is a great service. 5/5 so far for the way they’ve helped me add followers to my Instagram account.

Laura Haynes

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